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Unspoken I love yous/I care about yous though

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I am so far gone it’s ridiculous

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Getting high is like loving someone: you have to appreciate the differences each one possesses

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that really wonderful feeling when you have more money than you’ve ever had in your bank account

… that sinking feeling when you realize a large chunk of it is about to go towards essential car repairs

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There’s no reason to feel this way. Trust, trust, trust.

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Shoutout to the security guards who let me hang out in the park after hours so I could cope with my hurty emotions and calm down.

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If anyone ever again tries to tell me my dad doesn’t matter because I “don’t have his blood” I swear to god I will kick their fucking teeth in WHAT PART OF “YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO GO THERE I AM WARNING YOU THIS IS OFF LIMITS” DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND

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I need you right now more than ever

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 also could the world quit telling bisexual people that theyre pansexual okay if a person identifies as bisexual theyre fuckin bisexual, if a person identifies as pansexual then theyre fuckin pansexual youre not the fuckin orientation police 

I’ve actually found the opposite happens more? In my experience at least. Bisexual is “easier” than explaining what pansexual means.

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When you miss someone so much it feels like you’re missing a limb

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can’t sleep cause ANXIETY ugh man

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alone and feeling like I’m going fucking insane ugh

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I can’t even right now aaah I’m so happy with life. Thanks, universe, for throwing this one at me.

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